We’re POET Nutrition

POET hasn’t just set the standard for dried distillers grains. We created it. We’ve been developing biotechnologies and processes for years, and our Dakota Gold DDGS are in demand across the globe. This premium product delivers consistent nutrient concentrations, excellent flowability, and a wealth of other benefits that can meet your livestock feed needs.

Set apart by a scientific approach and the highest quality standards. Backed by one of the nation’s largest, most innovative ethanol companies. We’re POET Nutrition.

Locations & Logistics

Our 27 biorefineries are located throughout the Midwest, allowing us to deliver and export POET products to clients across the globe. Thanks to our tremendous volume, we have unique access to shipping methods that make the delivery of Dakota Gold a simple, predictable process—no matter where you’re located.

Our Process

Before receiving the Dakota Gold label, our products need to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. POET Nutrition creates pellets, distillers wet grain, syrup, and modified distillers grains, and each one provides quality you can rely on.

Research is a vital part of our operations: it’s what fuels our science-based approach to finding feed solutions. As a result, our production process reaps maximum nutrition from each step.

Safety Initiatives

At POET Nutrition, we are committed to the quality and safety of our products. Our facilities take a proactive approach to feed safety and biosecurity. Our goal is to be your trusted partner, so please contact our Regulatory Affairs and Quality Department at 605-965-6908 with questions about our dedication to feed safety and FDA regulatory compliance.

About POET

POET is the world's largest producers of ethanol and other biorefined products, combining technology and development with engineering expertise. Our mission is to be good stewards of the Earth by converting renewable resources to energy and other valuable goods as effectively as humanly possible.

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