Distillers Grains

The Difference in Distillers Grains

Distillers grains are a nutrient-rich co-product of the ethanol process that offer a quality, low-cost alternative feed ingredient: they’re rich in protein, minerals and fiber that animals need. With POET products, you get all of these features from the market leaders in quality and excellence.

Getting the most out of these grains is all in the production process. As ethanol is being produced, the excess grain mash is removed, dried, and separated into two parts: a thick syrup and the remaining solids (or “wet cake”). This wet cake is moved into a dryer system and dried at varying degrees, producing distillers grains. There are three forms of distillers grains—wet, modified wet and dried—depending on how many times the solids pass through the dryer system.

At POET, we set the standard for innovation and quality that puts our dried distillers grains ahead of the competition. We call it Dakota Gold.

Dakota Gold Can Go Just About Anywhere

We manufacture Dakota Gold at 28 biorefineries throughout the Midwest that can deliver locally and export globally. Talk to our team about partnering with us.

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Which animals can benefit from dried distillers grains?

DDGS are recommended for dairy, swine, poultry, beef and aquaculture. By feeding Dakota Gold to your livestock feed, you improve their nutrition and your economic bottom line. Dakota Gold has a reputation for being the highest-quality DDGS available. We add value in the form of quality protein, highly digestible fiber, amino acids and minerals that your animals need.

How? We’ve done our research—literally—and the answers are right here. POET products optimize milk production in dairy cattle, enhance yolk color in eggs and more. Check out our research and see how you can incorporate these products into your rations, import the products and learn more about nutritional values. Our innovative production process ensures uniform particle size, easier digestion and high palatability.

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