Dakota Gold

Dakota Gold: No Cook. No Swirl.

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards to give you a cost-effective, high-energy alternative feed ingredient. Our dried distillers grains are never cooked which maintains their high nutrient properties and never mixed with inferior grains. As a result, Dakota Gold DDGS provide superior palatability and nutrient value to maximize your feed’s digestibility and performance. Our process ensures uniform particle size, enhanced flowability and easier pelleting that all work together for your benefit. Find your nearest sales manager and see what a difference Dakota Gold can make to your operation.

Dakota Gold Can Go Just About Anywhere

We have 33 bioprocessing plants across the Midwest and guarantee that your Dakota Gold stays Dakota Gold—no matter which of our plants it comes from. Available for local delivery and global exports, Dakota Gold is never cross-contaminated and comes with absolutely transparent traceability. Want to know where your Dakota Gold has been? Just ask. Talk to one of our team members for more information about our sales and exports.

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What’s the difference?

A co-product of ethanol production, distillers grains offer many advantages for you, your livestock and your bottom line. Drying distillers grains improves their shelf life and transportability, allowing them to be sent over long distances while maintaining nutritional value; they can also be sold wet to local markets. DDGS are rich in protein and phosphorus, which makes for a high-energy mix that’s less expensive than traditional animal feed ingredients, like corn, soybean meal or phosphates.

Which animals is Dakota Gold good for?

We recommend adding Dakota Gold DDGS to your feed for dairy, swine, poultry, beef and aquaculture. These grains add nutritional value to your animals’ rations with high quality protein, highly digestible fiber, amino acids and minerals. As a result, your livestock receives the nutrients and energy needed to produce better-quality products. We’ve done the research, both for our process and your end product, and Dakota Gold is your best bet for an improved bottom line.

Our superior quality lowers your cost of production for swine, poultry and dairy. Dakota Gold is a highly digestible source of key nutrients that improves your feed’s nutrition levels, and you can see the difference. Research shows that adding Dakota Gold optimizes milk production in dairy cattle, increases feed efficiency in beef cattle, and enhances yolk color in eggs. And that’s only the beginning.