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Distillers Scoop

What are distillers grains? What’s the best inclusion rates for feed? Learn that and more with Dr. DDGS.

The Distillers Scoop with Dr. DDGs

The Distillers Scoop: Comparing DDGs Sources

Dr. DDGs discusses the importance of selecting distillers grain sources.

The Distillers Scoop with Dr. DDGs

The Distillers Scoop: Gross vs. Digestible Energy

Dr. DDGs compares gross and digestible energy.

The Distillers Scoop with Dr. DDGs

The Distillers Scoop: Milkfat Depression

Dr. DDGs discusses the chemistry of milkfat depression and distillers grains.

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Our webinars cover a wide range of topics, from fiber digestibility to DDGS impacts on swine manure. Check it out!

POET Human plus Nature

DDGS and Amino Acid Nutrition in Swine Diets

This webinar provides insights from University of Minnesota DDGS researcher Dr. Jerry Shurson. Webinar attendees are given new strategies for including DDGS in their swine formulations.

POET Human plus Nature

DDGS and Fiber - Unlocking the Cow's Potential

This webinar provides insights on how fiber from DDGS contributes to animal health, productivity, and producer bottom-line. Knowing this information will allow producers and nutritionists to capture the most value of DDGS when including in their livestock formulation strategies.

POET Human plus Nature

New DDGS Strategies for Maximizing Profitability

This webinar will cover current nutritional characteristics of DDGS, review DDGS management, and provide information on the current DDGS market.

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