Wrinkle: Can I Feed Dakota Gold and Corn Silage Together?

Beef, Dairy

Research Summary

Because of the factors involved with growing, harvesting, and storing corn silage, nutritionists will often use corn silage as the base for their formulation and then include Dakota Gold to balance the formulation. Recognizing the differences and similarities in nutrient profiles between corn silage and Dakota Gold will help to precisely meet these requirements. This approach along with considering how factors like particle size, amino acid profile, and moisture content affect animal performance will provide opportunities for dairy producers to reduce feed costs and improve profitability.

Wrinkle: Can I Feed Dakota Gold and Corn Silage Together?

Dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) and corn silage represent two of the most commonly used ingredients in dairy formulations. Additionally, these ingredients have similar nutritional characteristics and benefits for the dairy cow. This sometimes causes nutritionists to question if they can include both in diet formulations. Fortunately, recognizing and adjusting for certain factors can allow nutritionists to capture value from both ingredients.