Effects of Fat Level in Distillers Grain on Feedlot Finishing Performance and Carcass Traits


Research Overview

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of different corn oil (fat) levels in distillers grains with solubles (DGS) on beef cattle performance during finishing and the effects on carcass traits. Three different distillers grains products were procured from three different sources, with differing amounts of corn oil removed. The products contained 5.47, 8.05 and 12.96 percent corn oil and were fed at 19.4 percent of diet dry matter (DM). Increasing fat levels had minimal impact on intake, gain and gain efficiency, with little effect on carcass traits except marbling scores increased (P < 0.03) with corn oil level.

Effects of fat level in distillers grain on feedlot finishing performance and carcass traits

By V. L. Anderson and C. L. Engel. Carrington Research Extension Center, North Dakota State University. From the 2014 North Dakota Beef Report.