Co-Products of the United State Biofuels Industry as Alternative Feed Ingredients for Aquaculture



The tremendous growth of the biofuels industry has made large amounts of co-products (i.e. distillers grain and crude glycerin) available for use in aquafeeds. This chapter reviews the prospects and challenges associated with their use in aquafeeds. Properties of each product as it pertains to fish nutrition and available research are described for different fish species. Despite the apparent deficiency in lysine and the high fibre content in DDGS, considerable amounts of DDGS can be fed to omnivorous fish species without impact on growth or product quality. Nutrient variability is, however, an issue that needs to be considered when feeding DDGS to fish. The use of crude glycerin in fish is less clear, and further research is necessary before nutritional recommendations can be made.

Co-products of the United States biofuels industry as alternative feed ingredients for aquaculture

By Kamal Mjoun and Kurt Rosentrater. Iowa State University Digital Repository.