Effects of Increasing Inclusion Rates of a Low-Fat DDGS in Finishing Broiler Diets



The objectives of this study were to determine the maximum inclusion rates of a low fat distillers dried grains with solubles (LF-DDGS) in broiler diets fed during the finisher I phase (28 to 42 d) and the finisher II phase (43 to 56 d) and the subsequent effects on live performance and carcass characteristics. These ages were specifically chosen to determine effects of feeding LF-DDGS to broilers grown to heavy weights (>3.0 kg). Experimental diets were formulated to contain 0, 8, 16, 18, 24, or 30% LF-DDGS for finisher I phase and 0, 18, 16 and 24% LF-DDGS for finisher II phase. Diets were formulated to be isocaloric and to meet or exceed the minimum nutrient requirements. Birds were fed common diets until d 27 or 41 and experimental diets were fed until d 42 and d 56, respectively. Upon completion of the experimental periods, all birds and feed were weighed to determine body weight, body weight gain, feed consumption and feed conversion ratio for the experimental periods. On d 43 and 57, after an overnight fast, 6 birds per pen were tagged, weighed and processed to determine hot carcass weight and abdominal fat pad. After a period of chilling, carcasses were deboned to determine breast and tender weights. For the Finisher I period, body weight gain (BWG) was significantly (p<0.05) decreased and FCR was significantly increased for birds fed diets containing 30% LF-DDGS. At 43 d, carcass yield was found to be significantly decreased (p<0.05) for birds fed 30% LF-DDGS when compared to birds fed no LF-DDGS. For the Finisher II period, there were no significant effects of LF-DDGS inclusion on live performance and resulting carcass parameters. These results indicate that finishing broilers (28 to 56 d) can tolerate up to 24% LF-DDGS in the later phases of production without any detrimental effects on live performance and carcass parameters.

Effects of increasing inclusion rates of a low-fat distillers dried grains with solubles (LF-DDGS) in finishing broiler diets

By E. J. Kim, J. L. Purswell, and S. L. Branton. International Journal of Poultry Science.