Impact of Low- and Medium-Oil Corn Dried Distillers' Grains Plus Solubles on Growth Performance of Feedlot Cattle



Due to the low crude protein (CP) content of corn silage [8.2±1.07% dry matter (DM) basis; NASEM, 2016] supplemental CP is needed to maintain optimum growth rate in cattle fed corn silage-barley grain based diets. Over the last 20 years, expansion of the North American grain ethanol industry has increased the supply dried distillers’ grains plus solubles (DDGS) for feedlot cattle. Consequently, DDGS is the most common protein supplement in the North American beef industry (Renewable Fuels Association, 2015). As starch is almost completely removed from corn during ethanol fermentation nutrients in DDGS are concentrated nearly three-fold.

Corn DDGS has a relatively high oil content (10.7±2.05% DM basis; NASEM, 2016) which can be used to produce biodiesel and as a result ethanol producers are increasingly using enhanced oil extraction technologies. By 2014, approximately 85% of dry mills in the U.S. used enhanced extraction techniques and produced approximately 1.1 billion kg of corn oil (Renewable Fuels Association, 2015). Differences in corn oil extraction technologies lead to variation in DDGS composition. Solvent-extraction of corn oil typically produces DDGS with an oil content of less than 3.0% (DM basis; Saunders and Rosentrater, 2009), whereas ethanol plants that use mechanical extraction produce DDGS with an oil content of 6.0 to 9.0% (DM basis; He et al., 2014).

Feeding conventional corn DDGS (>10% EE; DM basis) to ruminants generally has a positive impact on growth performance, a finding which can partly be attributed to its higher energy content than cereal grains (Klopfenstein et al., 2008). He et al. (2014) found that replacement of 30% of barley grain DM in a beef finishing feedlot diet with low-oil corn DDGS (7.1%) decreased feed efficiency. This study was designed to examine the effect of LO-DDGS, 5.6% EE or MO-DDGS, 8.3% EE on feed intake, growth performance, and carcass quality of feedlot steers fed corn silage-barley grain diets.

Impact of low- and medium-oil corn dried distillers' grains plus solubles on growth performance of feedlot cattle

By Gabriel O. Ribeiro Jr., Martin Hünerberg, Darryl Gibb, and Tim A. McAllister.