Cows in a group in a feed lot


How do DDGS impact feedlot cattle fat levels? What are your options for pasture conservation alternatives? We’ve done the research for that.

Wrinkle: How Do DDGS and ProPellets Provide Options for Cow/Calf Producers?

Since DDGS provides a good source of highly digestible energy and protein, beef cattle producers can feed other lower quality ingredients in combination with DDGS and still meet the nutrient requirements of the animal. Research from the University of Nebraska now provides data to demonstrate the value of including DDGS in different beef feeding programs.

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Wrinkle: DDGS vs SoyPass - Do DDGS Provide Ample Protein?

What additional protein do I need to include when I’m feeding distillers?” We often get this question from producers or nutritionists because they feel additional types (ruminally available vs “bypass”) of protein will promote animal performance. To address this question, University of Nebraska researchers conducted two experiments to measure cattle response to either urea or SoyPass. Results from both studies provided additional insights on this very important question

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Wrinkle: Are DDGS a Good Winter Supplement?

Recent research demonstrates how producers can use DDGS to reduce feed costs and improve livestock performance. Research from North Dakota State University and the University of Nebraska provide excellent examples of these types of applications. Both of these articles highlight the importance of evaluating supplementation programs based not only on cost, but convenience and animal performance.

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