Energy Content of Reduced-Fat Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles for Lactating Dairy Cows



Dry distillers grains with solubles (DDGS), a by-product of ethanol production from corn grain, is most commonly produced in the midwestern United States and often included in dairy rations. In recent years, technology has been developed to remove a portion of the oil so that it may be used in biodiesel production. This process results in a reduced-fat dried distillers grains with solubles (RFDDGS; Berger and Singh, 2010). This RFDDGS has been used as a protein and energy source in lactating dairy cow diets, with fat con-centrations low enough to reduce the risk of milk fat depression that may be associated with diets high in fat (Bauman and Griinari, 2003). The nutritional value of RFDDGS has not been investigated to the extent of full-fat DDGS, and the effects of RFDDGS on energy utilization of lactating cows has not yet been evaluated. When replacing forages, corn, soybean meal, and soy products, the inclusion of RFDDGS has been reported to have no effect on milk fat percentage (Castillo-Lopez et al., 2014), or to increase milk fat percentage with no negative effect on milk production (Mjoun et al., 2010). Given that the fat content is decreased, it is speculated that the energy content of RFDDGS is also less than DDGS. As a consequence, the determination of the energy value of diets containing RFDDGS will allow for more precise formulation of diets for lactating dairy cows. The objective of this study was to use total collection and indirect calorimetry techniques to inves-tigate the effect of including RFDDGS on energy and N utilization in lactating cow diets when replacing corn grain and soybean meal. It was hypothesized that diets containing RFDDGS would contain less energy, and as a result, cows consuming RFDDGS would produce less milk.

Energy content of reduced-fat dried distillers grains with solubles for lactating dairy cows

By A. J. Foth, T. Brown-Brandl, K. J. Hanford, P. S. Miller, G. Garcia Gomez, and P. J. Kononoff. Journal of Dairy Science.