Understanding the Advances in DDGS Processing Technologies

Poultry, Webinars

As the ethanol industry continues to evolve, livestock producers are provided with a plethora of options for protein and energy to use in animal rations. Dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) has long been a popular and economically efficient option for poultry producers, but as new technologies are introduced, nutritionists and producers are left with questions regarding the nutritional content of the resulting feeds.

In an effort to provide an update on this topic, POET Nutrition and Dakota Gold by POET are proud to sponsor the webinar “How Do New Processing Technologies for DDGS Affect Feeding Values For Poultry?”. This webinar will feature Dr. Carl M. Parsons from the University of Illinois. Dr. Parsons will provide webinar attendees with key insights into some of the data he has collected related to novel ethanol processing technologies and feeding values of the resulting DDGS for poultry. Additionally, this webinar will provide a presentation by Matt Reiners of POET Nutrition, who will discuss the economics of novel DDGS products in the livestock feeding industry.

Key Learning Points:

  • Update on new technologies used in the ethanol production process
  • Effects of new technologies on nutrient content of resulting feeds
  • Research evaluation of commercially available high protein feeds
  • POET Nutrition market update of new DDGS products in livestock industry


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