DDGS Handling & Storage - An Engineer's Perspective

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POET Bioproducts and Dakota Gold by POET are pleased to be sponsoring the webinar "DDGS Handling and Storage - An Engineer's Perspective" on Tuesday, August 25th at 9:00 a.m. (CST). This webinar will feature Purdue University Professor and Extension Engineer, Dr. Klein Ileleji. Dr. Ileleji will provide an overview of some of his research into strategies for storage and handling of DDGS. This webinar will also include a presentation from Andy Lindsay of POET. Andy will discuss experiences from his customers in handling and storing DDGS.

Key Learning Points:

  • Review of factors affecting flow and handling of DDGS
  • Practical strategies of improving flow and handling of DDGS
  • Potential novel applications for DDGS
  • How the ethanol process affects DDGS characteristics

DDGS Handling & Storage - An Engineer's Perspective

Join Dr. Kevin Herrick, Dr. Klein Ileleji & Mr. Andy Lindsay as they explore the ways to handle and store your DDGS.