How Has ASF Changed the Focus on Feed Safety?

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The spread of ASF in China and surrounding countries has forced the entire feed industry to examine their role in preventing or at least minimizing the risk for this type of problem from occurring again. Research groups from several universities have started to collaborate on determining risk factors and ways to mitigate these risks while industry groups continue to carefully evaluate their production to identify potential issues. Fortunately, these efforts have resulted in several valuable strategies for the industry to start implementing.

In an effort to provide additional insights on this topic, POET Bioproducts and Dakota Gold by POET are proud to sponsor the webinar "How Has ASF Changed the Focus on Feed Safety?". This webinar features Dr. Cassandra Jones from Kansas State University. Dr. Jones will provide webinar attendees with key insights into some of the work she has done related to feed safety and specifically DDGS. Additionally, this webinar includes a presentation by Dr. Berit Foss from POET Nutrition who will discuss POET Bioproducts' approach to ensuring feed safety and quality for Dakota Gold.

Key Learning Points:

  • Update on research related to feed safety
  • Strategies for minimizing risk of feed ingredients spreading a disease
  • Specific topics related to DDGS and feed safety
  • Terms and programs related to feed safety and quality
  • POET Bioproducts' approach and commitment to feed safety

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