Why Should I Feed DDGS to Poultry?

Poultry, Webinars

The ethanol industry continues to evolve as we see several ethanol producers investing in new technologies and equipment. These changes improve efficiency and yield of ethanol production, but they also change the nutritional value of ethanol co-products such as DDGS. Poultry producers and nutritionists recognize that feeding DDGS can reduce feed costs and improve profitability. However, efficient utilization of DDGS in poultry formulations require accurate nutrient characterization of DDGS. If DDGS evolve and the poultry industry does not adapt their formulation strategies, then performance will suffer.

As a way to highlight some of the key points related to this topic, POET Bioproducts and Dakota Gold by POET is proud to sponsor the webinar ‘Why Should I Feed DDGS to Poultry’. This webinar will include insights from University of Arkansas researcher, Dr. Sam Rochell and will provide webinar attendees with new information on how they can effectively use DDGS in their poultry formulations.

Key Learning Points:

  • Methods for accurately estimating DDGS energy for poultry formulations
  • Challenging perceptions on DDGS inclusion for poultry formulations
  • Effects of DDGS on performance and carcass characteristics
  • Review of the process for ethanol production

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