Wrinkle: How Do DDGS Positively Impact Pasture Conservation?


Research Summary

Supplementing pasture-fed cattle with dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) at 1.1% of body weight improved average daily gain and decreased pasture consumption compared with control cows fed no DDGS. Interestingly, when supplemented with DDGS at only 0.5% of body weight, cattle still gained more than cattle fed a control diet, but pasture consumption did not differ. This suggests that producers may need to adopt different strategies when using DDGS supplementation to increase body weight gain or conserve pasture.

How do DDGS positively impact pasture conservation?

We sometimes incorrectly assume that supplementing grazing cattle with a source of protein or energy will result in cattle consuming less pasture. However, research from Iowa State University suggests a different response.