Cows in a group in a feed lot


How do DDGS impact feedlot cattle fat levels? What are your options for pasture conservation alternatives? We’ve done the research for that.

Wrinkle: Distillers or Corn: What Should I Feed My Cattle?

The availability and affordability of distillers grains provides an attractive and economical option when compared to corn. If we evaluate the nutrient values of distillers grains (dry or wet) against corn, we determine that the energy advantages in distillers may result in better growth performance of feedlot cattle.

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Wrinkle: Can Distillers Grains Improve Feedlot Performance?

We often get questions about the differences between forms of distillers (dry, modified, or wet) and what form cattle producers should use in their ration. If we look at the nutritional profile of each ingredient, we see very little difference beside moisture. However, research from the University of Nebraska shows that cattle performance can differ based on form of distillers and may even perform better than corn.

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How Has ASF Changed the Focus on Feed Safety?

Dr. Cassandra Jones from Kansas State University provides webinar attendees with key insights on management and mitigation strategies to ensure the highest levels of biosecurity in the face of a foreign animal disease threat.

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