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Wrinkle: Poultry Predictive Energy Equation for Dakota Gold - A New Approach

In order to formulate diets that support optimal performance, nutritionists need to have an accurate nutritional profile for each ingredient. This becomes difficult for certain ingredients like DDGS than can differ based on the processes used by ethanol producers. To help answer some of these questions, the industry has developed predictive equations to provide an estimate for characteristics like energy. Unfortunately, these predictive equations often fail to accurately estimate the energy content. As a way to provide a more accurate estimate of energy for Dakota Gold, POET Nutrition determined the actual energy of several samples of Dakota Gold in an in vitro model. We then analyzed each of the samples to determine a complete nutrient profile. With this data, we generated a unique predictive energy equation that nutritionists can use when formulating poultry diets with Dakota Gold. This information will help nutritionists to accurately formulate diets to support optimal animal performance as well as save money.

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Wrinkle: Does Particle Size of DDGS Affect Digestibility?

Researchers have demonstrated that reducing DDGS particle size improves the feeding value for pigs. However, many individuals have questions about the method of grinding and potential impact of stage of production (growing vs finishing) on nutrient digestibility. The study (Acosta, et al., 2020) shows that while the method of grinding has little impact on digestibility, body weight and particle size do affect the digestibility of nutrients in DDGS.

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