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Improve your poultry’s nutritional quality and yield with our research. We’ve seen positive results in all types, from broiler chickens to layers.

Wrinkle: How Do DDGS & Enzymes Affect Hen Rations?

Researchers from Egypt fed laying hens increasing amounts of DDGS with or without an exogenous enzyme. They then measured performance of the hens as well as egg quality. They observed that including DDGS up to 12% of the diet did not affect most performance measures. Similar to previous research, they also observed that increasing DDGS improved the yolk color of the egg. In this case, enzyme addition had little effect on hen performance.

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Wrinkle: Evaluating Energy in Corn Oil

Customers and those nutritionists considering feeding Dakota Gold often contact us and ask about the energy value of Dakota Gold. This highlights that the method we use to determine energy can affect energy estimates and that in order to use energy values which support optimal animal performance, we need to carefully analyze each method. In an effort to provide as much value as possible to our customers, POET Nutrition will continue to focus on these topics to better characterize the nutritional value of Dakota Gold.

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Wrinkle: Open Sesame to Unlock Dakota Gold Treasure

Determining the nutritional value of DDGS can sometimes prove difficult. We can measure value based on dollars per unit of protein or energy or perhaps calculate as a percentage of corn. However, DDGS provides both protein and energy and as a result, when we calculate value based on a single nutrient such as protein, we underestimate DDGS value. Comparing nutritional value to other ingredients using software such as Sesame provides a compromise between these two different approaches.

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Energy Value of DDGS for Turkeys

As oil in DDGS is removed, both nutritive and non-nutritive components will be concentrated in the DDGS, including protein and fiber. This study sought to determine the metabolizable energy content of DDGS samples in young turkeys.

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