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Using dried distillers grains can lead to improved cost savings. Due to lower fat composition, Dakota Gold can be fed at higher inclusion rates and still maintain high carcass quality.

Wrinkle: Open Sesame to Unlock Dakota Gold Treasure

Determining the nutritional value of DDGS can sometimes prove difficult. We can measure value based on dollars per unit of protein or energy or perhaps calculate as a percentage of corn. However, DDGS provides both protein and energy and as a result, when we calculate value based on a single nutrient such as protein, we underestimate DDGS value. Comparing nutritional value to other ingredients using software such as Sesame provides a compromise between these two different approaches.

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Effects of Pelleting Diets without or with DDGS on Growing-Finishing Barrows and Gilts

Feeding pelleted diets improved growth performance and increased carcass weight and fatness without causing the development of gastric lesions that would reduce the value of the stomach to packers. Furthermore, inclusion of DDGS in diets reduced HCW and dressing percent and increased GI tract and GI tract contents weight but had no effect on gastric lesion development or LM quality.

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