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Improve your poultry’s nutritional quality and yield with our research. We’ve seen positive results in all types, from broiler chickens to layers.


Our webinars cover a wide range of topics, from fiber digestibility to DDGS impacts on swine manure. Check it out!

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How Has ASF Changed the Focus on Feed Safety?

Dr. Cassandra Jones from Kansas State University provides webinar attendees with key insights on management and mitigation strategies to ensure the highest levels of biosecurity in the face of a foreign animal disease threat.

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DDGS and Milk Fat Depression - Perception or Reality?

This webinar features Dr. Hugo Ramirez from Iowa State University. who provides key insights on management and formulation strategies to effectively feed DDGS without affecting milk fat production. Mr. Dave Peschong from POET also presents a market update on factors affecting DDGS pricing and availability.

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Mycotoxin Management in DDGS - Maximizing Your Profits

This webinar will provide insights from Dr. Max Hawkins of Alltech and how producers can effectively manage mycotoxins in DDGS. The webinar will also include brief information from Dr. Berit Foss of POET, highlighting how POET manages mycotoxin risks in DDGS to ensure that Dakota Gold provides the most value to their customer, all while reducing ration costs.